Boost Sales Using Exclusive Offers

6 Ways to Boost Sales Using Exclusive Offers

As a kid, getting customers to buy lemonade from your lemonade stand was as easy as making a poster board sign with a Sharpie and setting up a table at the end of your driveway. Your handmade sign was all the advertising you needed. Sure. Maybe your mom had her Bunko friends swing by to help you move a little more product, but apart from that sign and some word-of-mouth, advertising your first business couldn’t have been more black and white.

These days, drawing potential customers to your business is as complex as it is competitive. Who doesn’t have an inbox inundated with un-opened emails? And with over 50 million businesses using Facebook, shoppers are overburdened with advertisements and calls to action in their feed.

One way to stand out amongst the crowd is by offering deals, discounts and coupons, and making them exclusively available via your various marketing channels.

Offering exclusive deals is like baiting a hook to help you drive traffic where you want it the most. For example, if you’re a whiz at creating compelling Facebook posts, and want to use Facebook to help promote your brand, offer exclusive deals within your Facebook Timeline to incentivize followers. Those who take the bait and click Like, won’t be just another meaningless tick on your Fan count. Instead, you’ll have an engaged customer, who, after seeing your Facebook updates, will be primed to make another purchase.

Facebook is one obvious place to offer exclusive deals. Here are six more places you can offer exclusive deals that will help you grow your fans, followers, and get more customers.

1. Instagram

Unlike other popular social media channels, Instagram’s minimalist look and aesthetically pleasing feed of photos, nurtures engagement from followers. Posts on Instagram seem spontaneous and authentic. This aura of authenticity can make a brand seem more approachable, less sales-y, and make it easy to connect with potential customers on a deeper level. By offering exclusive deals through your Instagram profile, you not only incentivize new followers, you can convert those followers who’ve been cultivated and engaged through your compelling posts.

Drive traffic to your social media profiles

2. Dealkit

Dealkit’s a great platform for offering exclusive deals because it’s what the platform was built to do. Unlike asking someone to subscribe to an email list or follow you on social media, Dealkit collects a user’s email address when they claim an offer. Then, you can use those email addresses to send out more offers in the future.

Claiming a deal on Dealkit is 100% no strings attached.

Invite your customers to grab an offer through Dealkit and they’ll be in the mix to receive future offers from you, without having to commit to a newsletter subscription or to following you on social media.

Send follow-up discounts in an autoresponder

3. Your Blog

Every business should have a blog. Why? Because by creating and sharing content that’s of interest to your ideal customer, you’re establishing yourself as an expert in your field. With this type of content marketing, you can gently fold in case studies, statistics, and real-world examples of why your product or service is beneficial. For example, a gym might write a blog post documenting a customer’s inspirational fitness story. Pairing this post with an offer for a free trial membership can be a powerful sales pitch.

4. Partnerships

Expand your reach by partnering with complementary services or brands. By partnering, you can offer exclusive deals through their marketing efforts (newsletter, blog, etc.) and they can offer exclusive deals through yours. Not only will this double the incentive to attract new fans and followers, it allows you to tap into a whole new audience, exponentially expanding your reach. For example, a brewery might offer exclusive discounts on social media, not only for their beer, but for a restaurant that serves their beer. The brewery would gain followers from the restaurant’s customers who order their beer with their meal, and the restaurant would get followers from the brewery customers who are following their social media posts.

5. In-store

When it comes to the costs of running a business, there’s no comparison between an online store and a brick-and-mortar establishment. However, depending on your business, a crack shot, in-person, the sales team may be the key to converting “window” shoppers into customers. In some instances, offering in-store exclusive deals can help you drive traffic to where you’re able to make the most sales and make all of those added brick-and-mortar costs worth the investment.

6. Trade Shows

Much like a brick-and-mortar store, tradeshows come with some added costs. For businesses, the appeal of a tradeshow is its short life-span. Exclusive deals can help you drive traffic to your booth. And, exclusive deals coupled with the pressure of “here only” and “today only” can really help you close some sales.

Recruiting new customers can be a costly and labor-intensive endeavor. Offering exclusive deals helps you drive traffic to the marketing channels that best convert your shoppers into buyers, and also helps you keep those customers engaged so they buy from you again.

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