The Best Groupon Alternative: Own Your List!

The Best Groupon Alternative: Own Your List

Businesses still flock to Groupon.

While you can generate leads quickly and (sometimes) make money with daily deal websites like Groupon and Living Social, you surrender almost complete control. The sales folks at Groupon and Groupon alternative services are bound to promise your coupon marketing will create revenues that cover the costs and then some.

But that’s often not how it plays out.

Take back control of your coupon marketing effort

The unique thing most coupon sites offer is the ability to distribute deals to the lists they own.

Otherwise, you to pay them dearly to do what you could easily do yourself. The price for their “hard work” is usually 50 to 100 percent of the purchase price of your coupons.

Groupon alternatives will penalize you for unused coupons.

To add insult to injury, some Groupon alternatives will penalize you for unused coupons instead of refunding you for the coupons that go unpurchased. Ouch.

A lot of the details are out of your hands. You get to pick what you’re offering and how many coupons you want to distribute, but everything else is up to them.

You can’t:

  • Target a specific audience
  • Change a coupon after it’s been submitted
  • Choose the expiration date for your coupon

Your coupon is listed on their site or app. If they make changes you don’t like, you have no choice but to ride things out until your contract is up.

I’m going to tell you more about an exciting new Groupon alternative that enables you to own your promotion and the list you create with it.

A DIY Groupon alternative: Dealkit

Now you can put together a deal yourself. You can give out as many coupons as you need. And you can pocket all proceeds from the sale.

You accomplish this with Dealkit, a new and free tool that allows you to create the coupon program you want and actually make money when your coupons are redeemed.

No one takes a cut of your sales.


Choose your type of deal and apply a color scheme

Select the type of deal you would like to run and then customize it with a variety of color themes


Dealkit doesn’t just give you more control, it gives you complete control.

Keep in mind all the different aspects of a potential coupon:

  • The type of deal
  • The expiration terms
  • How many are distributed
  • Who they go to
  • The colors and style of the page on which the coupon is hosted

Instead of just blasting out a coupon to deal-chasers, you can use Dealkit to target people more likely to become loyal customers.


Add your own hero image that reflects your brand and dealYou choose your headline and hero image

When your offer period concludes, you’ll own the list of people who snagged your coupon. You’ll be able to add them to your existing email marketing lists, or target them for deals in the future.

Power your promotions with social media

When you work with Groupon and similar services, you do a lot of “shooting in the dark.”

You don’t know how your deal will be promoted. You don’t know who purchased your deals or coupons. And, again, the data collected is held hostage.

The site hosting the coupon may change details without your knowledge or consent. Ultimately, you’re unlikely to attract the kinds of customer you really want.

With Dealkit, you can share your coupon to your existing social media followers from a mobile device and desktop. It also enables your followers to share the deal with their families and friends.

You’ll have a far better chance that your coupon will land in the hands of customers who are raving fans, and new people with whom you’ll want to also build lasting relationships.


Promote your deals to segmented listsPromote your deals directly to yours lists in Dealkit

Dealkit is free

With Dealkit:

  • You set the terms
  • You target the buyers
  • You gather and keep the customer data


Track your deal's performanceTrack your deal’s performance with real-time analytics

During Dealkit’s extended beta launch, the platform is free!

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Justin HeerenJustin Heeren

Justin Heeren is Dealkit’s (and ShortStack’s) jack of all trades — he mans the support desk and writes all of our support documentation.

Justin Heeren

Justin Hereen is Dealkit's (and ShortStack's) jack of all trades -- he mans the support desk and writes all of our support documentation.