How Digital Coupons Increase Store Traffic and Sales

How Digital Coupons Increase Store Traffic and Sales

The overwhelming popularity of online shopping has increasing numbers of customers sitting back and pulling out their credit cards when they’re lounging on the couch. While online shopping has its own unique benefits, many brick-and-mortar stores, especially local businesses, are counting on store traffic to drive sales and, more important, to nurture solid relationships that will help them build a strong client base.

Finding ways to compete with online shopping is essential for these businesses. And, as it turns out, it’s possible to use online marketing strategies to actually increase store traffic and sales. A great tactic that falls into this arena is the distribution of digital coupons. Digital coupons can be shared everywhere you want to connect with customers and can be redeemed in stores. If you so choose, you can even require that these coupons are only redeemable in physical stores.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how digital coupons increase store traffic and sales, and how you can leverage this concept for your business.

Coupons: Making Them the Offer They Can’t Refuse

Coupons containing discounts, freebies, and exclusive offers can be essential to converting tentative leads and driving more sales. We’ve all had the experience of waffling about purchasing a new product, and then finally making the purchase when the product goes on sale. Bottom line: It’s hard to say “no” to a good deal, and coupons let you leverage this reality.

Bottom line: It’s hard to say “no” to a good deal, and coupons let you leverage this reality.

Both leads and current customers will be more tempted to purchase — and maybe even purchase more — when you make coupons available. Coupons—instead of typical online offers—usually last a little longer before they expire, giving people more time to come into the store. A digital coupon might also be something that lives in a customer’s photo library or inbox, which increases the likelihood that they’ll come back to it. Many online offers, like a 24-hour flash sale, don’t give people a lot of time to convert.

Ultimately, offers that are valuable enough can actually get people off the sofa, offline, and into your stores. This gives you an opportunity to nurture personal relationships with customers that can’t be matched online, no matter how great your social media is!

Make Them the Offer They Can’t Refuse

Collect valuable leads by asking customers to fill out a form in exchange for your deal.

Why Is Digital Preferable to Paper?

When deciding between a paper vs. a digital coupon, digital coupons have a very clear advantage for a number of reasons.

  • It’s much easier to distribute digital offers than it is their paper counterpart.
  • Paper coupons need to be mailed, or attached in coupon books or newspapers (which can get expensive for businesses very quickly).
  • People may immediately disregard paper coupons as junk mail and toss them.

Digital coupons, like the ones any business can make using Dealkit, can be distributed by email, PPC campaigns, and social media. You can even post them on your blog. Anywhere that you can share a link, Dealkit lets you share your coupons—and you’ll be more likely to capture a users’ attention in the process. And you can do all of this without having to pay for printing and mailing, saving you a fortune.

You can choose to send your deal to a segmented list of customers, or to get a link to share online with Dealkit.

Digital coupons are also a lot easier for customers to keep track of. People can keep them stored in their cell phones instead of having to keep track of small, flimsy pieces of paper that can easily get misplaced or destroyed. The ease of use makes people much more likely to save them and use them—even if it means they have to come into an actual store.

Digital coupons can be leveraged for lead information.

And finally, another enormous, significant bonus people overlook? Digital coupons can be leveraged for lead information. With digital coupons, customers have to fill in their name and email in order to take part in the deal. Once your business has that information, you can send a number of follow-up campaigns to increase conversions and get more sales.

Digital Opens Up Advanced Targeting & Analytics Capabilities

Anything digital is significantly easier to track and personalize—this ultimately is an advantage for both you and your customers.

You can, for example, more effectively use audience segmentation and retargeting to deliver the right coupons to the right customers when using online tools. You can even use autoresponders combined with Dealkit’s coupons to make this as effective as possible, creating mass batches of personalized offers that will appeal to specific audience segments. This makes the coupons more relevant and appealing by showing the right people the right offer at exactly the right time, increasing the likelihood they’ll convert to a sale.

You can use frequent offers to keep customers engaged with strategic sales and loyalty reward programs.

Tracking your deal’s performance in easy in Dealkit.

The ease of tracking that happens with digital coupons is significant.

  • You can track things like which platforms are sending you the most traffic.
  • How many emails containing digital offers were opened.
  • If a download is required, you can even see how many downloads occurred, and compare them to the number of people who actually came into the store.

If you’re using Dealkit, the software automatically tracks everything for you, giving you the full analytics you need to make future marketing decisions. This allows you to gauge interest against action, which can help you to create more compelling offers in the future.

Digital Coupons Really do Get People to Come Into Stores

Plenty of digital coupons can be used online or in-store, and if you enable the former option, most customers will continue to purchase online. If this is a model that works for you, great! If not, you’ll want to use a digital coupon software that allows you to set the terms you want—including requiring customers to come into your store to redeem them or to leave their information.

Set your own terms and expiration dates.

Dealkit took this into consideration when developing our software. Dealkit users are allowed to set terms and restrictions for the deals you’re sharing online. You can even set your deal to end on a specific date—increasing urgency and driving plenty of people into your store for a big rush— or to end the deal as soon as it’s been claimed by a certain number of people. You’ll be in full control so that your deals benefit you without any risk of adverse consequences.

  • Digital coupons distributed through multiple channels online is one of the best ways to drive more in-store traffic and sales.
  • Digital coupons are cost efficient and effective, especially when you’re using Dealkit to set the terms of your deal and bring in as much profit as you need.
  • You can make digital coupons in just a few minutes and right from your mobile phone, all which can lead to you gaining more customers, more sales, and more traffic — without any substantial cost.

There’s nothing left to lose and everything to gain.


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