Ideas for Last-MInute Black Friday Deals

Ideas for Last-Minute Black Friday Deals

With Black Friday just a week away, you might be wracking your brain to come up with some last-minute ideas for Black Friday deals that’ll make your cash register ring.

Millenials, especially, are keeping their eyes peeled for deals. In fact, they’re more interested in deals than they are in the traditional Thanksgiving meal, according to a new survey from Credible. 

Credible, a student-loan servicing company, also found:

  • Nearly half of millennials indicated “spending time with family” is the activity they’re most looking forward to this Thanksgiving (48.6%).
  • 3.4% of survey respondents said “Black Friday” is the second thing they’re most excited about during the holiday weekend — beating out Turkey (19.6%), Cyber Monday (5.6%), and football — by a wide margin (2.8%).
  • A majority (81.4%) of survey respondents say “family,” when asked what they’re most thankful for. Putting family first doesn’t distract millennials from shopping, though: More than 8 in 10 respondents will still shop during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or both.

What are millenials looking forward to this Thanksgiving?

Now that you know you have a captive audience of millennial shoppers next week, are you ready to see some ways to get them to open their wallets?

3 Ideas for Last-Minute Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) Freebie

You and every other retailer is going to offer great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Why not sweeten the incentive to come and shop at YOUR store by giving folks who stop by a free gift? By requiring people to submit their email address before they can claim a coupon, you’ll be able to keep them informed about sales and special offers all year long.

Offer a frebie to attract new customers

Limited-Time Coupon

There’s nothing easier than sending people a coupon straight to their phone.  With Dealkit, you can create a coupon and share it on your social channels and email — in minutes. If your goal is to get people to shop ASAP, set the coupon to expire at midnight on Cyber Monday, or whatever day you choose. If you only have a limited number of the product or service you’re offering, set the coupon to expire as soon as they’re all gone. Either way, people will be motivated to act fast so they can take advantage of your deal.

Create urgency by limiting your coupon

Buy One, Get One

Coupons that let people “Buy one, get one free” or “Buy one, get one 50% off” are door-busters during the holiday shopping period. If there’s a product you’d like to move during the next week, give people an offer they can’t refuse.

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