Create Digital Coupons to Get New Customers

Create Digital Coupons to Get New Customers

Getting new customers is crucial to the growth of a business, but it can be both time consuming and very, very expensive. For these reasons, finding affordable, easy-to-use methods of customer acquisition is crucial if your goal is continued, sustainable growth (and what business doesn’t want those?!).

Offering coupons is one of the best ways to attract new customers. Coupons can be used both as an incentive to drive lead generation or first-time sales, both of which can help you land new clients.

Offering coupons is one of the best ways to attract new customers.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the best strategies, distribution methods, and tools you can use to create and utilize coupons to win over new customers.

Strategies to Get New Customers with Coupons

Strategies to get new customers should focus on one of two things: capturing lead information, which can then be used to nurture leads into clients. Two of the most effective strategies you can use when utilizing coupons to get new customers include:

#1 Welcome offers for first-time customers

When you’re trying to get first-time customers to convert, show them coupons that are low-risk for them. A “40% off” discount for first-time customers, for example, has people thinking, “Well at least I’ll save the money if I don’t like it.” Free shipping and free returns also lower the perceived risk almost-customers might face; knowing that they can return their purchase even if they don’t like it can get them to convert.

Offer a large discount for first-time customersOffer low-risk coupons to first-time customers

#2 Giveaway as a lead magnet

ou can use coupons to offer a free sample pack of your product, or a free consultation or a free trial class. All users have to do is provide their name and email. This is a great way to start to build a relationship with tentative customers who likely wouldn’t have converted otherwise,  Bonus: it gives you their contact information so you can continue to send them offers until they do convert (see strategy #1).

Offer a trial of your productOffer a free sample, trial or consultation of your product in your coupon


How to Distribute Coupons to Potential Customers

Once you’ve chosen the tactics you want to try and created the coupons, you need to determine the best way to distribute said deals. The key here is to find low-cost, high- engagement distribution channels to keep your ROI high.

Using Facebook Ads is a great way to connect with new customers. You can use retargeting campaigns to send welcome discounts to customers who have visited your site in the past thirty days, or create custom audiences from email lists to show the offers to leads who haven’t converted yet.

Target specific customers using Custom Audience

Free giveaways and trials can be distributed through Facebook Ads, utilizing Lookalike Audiences based on a high-value custom audience, or by using relevant demographic or interest targeting.

Promote your coupons—and the rewards for participating—across social media, through email, and on your site. To offer referral coupons, email campaigns and reminders through social media posts can be all the push your customers need. Reach out to the referred customers through email.

How to Create Coupons That Will Benefit Your Business

A lot of businesses rely on coupon software like Groupon or other daily-deal sites, because they think it will be the most convenient option. In most cases, however, these sites take a huge commission from the sales, or don’t let you set your own terms. Fortunately, there are Groupon and Living Social alternatives, like Dealkit.

Dealkit was designed for small and medium sized businesses looking to maintain full control—and profit—from their sales.

There’s no commission taken out, and you get to customize and set the terms of your own deals with no restrictions. It’s easy to use and offers fully customizable templates, as shown in the image below.

You decide the deal you want to offerYour offer is totally customizable. You set the offer and the terms.

Dealkit extends this flexibility to distribution. You’ll get a link that you can share via social email, email, and even on your website. We also keep track of who’s redeeming your offers, and which traffic source they’re coming from so you can maximize ad spend on that traffic source or tweak campaigns on others.

Create easily shared couponsDeals are easy to share on any device

Utilizing digital coupons, deals, and offers to win over new clients and convince them to convert is a nearly foolproof strategy, as long as you have specific goals and use the right tools to reach them. By choosing low-cost distribution methods and coupon tools like Dealkit, you’ll be able to maximize your ROI and decrease the overall cost per customer acquisition while still offering an incentive enticing enough to get those conversions.

Are you ready to ramp up your customer acquisition strategies using digital coupons? 


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