Increase sales and build loyalty

Entice New Customers

Use Dealkit to build and share offers that introduce new customers to your business.

Track What Matters

Track the top-performing referral sources so you can fine-tune your marketing efforts.

Build Customer Loyalty

When you use Dealkit to build a customer base, you can reward loyal customers with exclusive offers.

Incentivize Future Purchases

Use Dealkit to share frequent special offers and keep your customers engaged.

Stop using expensive daily discount sites

Make More Money

You set the terms of your offers, and you keep every dollar of every sale.

Save Time

Build an enticing deal in about 5 minutes.

Share Everywhere

Share deals on Facebook and Instagram, on your website and in your email newsletter.

Set Your Terms

Set your deal to end on a specific date, or once it's been claimed by a certain number of people.

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