Quickly create deals, including coupons, right from your phone

Unlike with other daily deal sites, you set the terms of your offers, and you keep every penny.

Share your deals anywhere and everywhere

Use Dealkit to create coupons and special offers to share with your fans, followers and customers. When you create a deal, we’ll give you a link to share anywhere – on your preferred social networks, via email, and on your website.

Track every entry, every view, and all the data that matters

Dealkit keeps track of who is redeeming your offers, and where they’re coming from – e.g., email, your website, or social networks. You can create limited-time or limited-number offers and Dealkit will end the deal based on the parameters you set.

Now do it again

Dealkit increases sales by building loyalty, and boosting in-store and online traffic. Once you’ve created one deal, you’ll want to do it again because your customers will be on the lookout for your next offer.

Our pricing begins at free

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